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Tips for Designing An Art Room

Art Room

The right art room design can be completely transformative for students who are trying to learn about creativity and self-expression.

Artistic expression helps to fuel the brain and get the creative juices flowing. The design of an art room takes some time and thought. Designing an art room is different from designing an office or a normal, educational classroom. Masterpieces are created in an art room and artists are born. It is important that an art room is as unique as the artists that inhabit the room. Keep reading for tips that can make the design of an art room simple!

Storing Materials

Art projects can vary. There can be wide range of sculptures and paintings.It is important to have a storage space that is large enough to store any art project, no matter how big or small. Also, grabbing various materials such as paints and clays needs to be easy.

Art Tables

Art lessons can be messy. It is important to choose tables that are sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. Art tables also need to be long due to the potential of a large amount of students doing art projects. Art materials can also take up a lot of space. Traditional, wooden desks wouldn’t be conducive for the design of an art due to there being no space.


Natural light is best for an art room. Of course, there are many health and well-being benefits that can be considered when it comes to natural light. However,  this applies to an art room in terms of visibility. Natural light can help students to see their materials and artwork better.

Also, if you’re teaching a lesson on shadowing and shading, a dark room would not aid in seeing these effects.

Open Display Space

Creating a work of art takes time and dedication. Students are typically attached to their works of art. When choosing how to design an art room, it is important to properly showcase the hard work of your students. If you design an art room that is small or compact, it won’t allow space for the various creations. Just like at an art show or in a museum, you are able to walk around and marvel at the amazing pieces. The same effect should happen in art room.

Color and Style

Ironically, you may think that an art needs to have pops of color bursting through on each wall with surfaces that stand out. On the contrary, there is nothing wrong with neutral colors. An art room that is too busy could make a student biased or even too inspired to replicate the design of the art room. It may be best to give students a blank palette in which to work from.

Still, there is nothing wrong with individuality. An art room can be fun and unique if it serves your purpose. Style choice is subjective.

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