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Educational Design Trends of 2019

Educational Design Trends of 2019

Read on for the design trends you should expect to see in education in 2019.

When we think about interior design and productivity, we usually think about office environments, but good design is just as important in educational environments. Just as in an office, the design of the space and the furniture that students use can help or hinder their productivity and their learning. Read on for the design trends you should expect to see in education in 2019.


Space For Mindfulness

Mindfulness is more than a buzzword in education. In the classroom, mindfulness means giving students a particular time and a place where they can be reflective and learn to be mature and in control of their emotions. A great place for this to manifest is the library, which will likely see a resurgence of importance this year. As more schools are looking to limit screen time when it isn’t needed,  the library may return to the quiet, calm oasis of yesteryear. If this is a trend you want to embrace, consider implementing areas (in the library or elsewhere) for students to be calm, still, and reflective, without distractions.

Return To Nature

2019 is primed to see several exciting design trends, such as a return to nature, neutral color palettes, and natural materials. Dull white walls and garish primary colors will be replaced with simple, calming, neutral palettes with delicate patterns. Expect a return to natural materials like wood instead of more plastic, for everything from classroom furniture to wall decorations. This move is for two reasons: a move towards more sustainable materials and an acknowledgment of the calming effect of nature in the classroom. Likewise, expect to see more of a seamless transition between nature and the outdoors and the classroom environment, with more plants in the learning environment.

Useful Transitional Spaces

The average school is made up of about 25% transitional space, like corridors or hallways. These spaces are an excellent place to showcase your interior design so that visitors get a sense of the school’s aesthetic as they walk through them. This is also a great place to introduce color, especially if your brand has a strong color component. If the transition spaces are large enough, and you can do it without disrupting the flow, these spaces are also a great place for communal sitting areas, so that students and visitors have a sense of community as they go through.

Multi-Use Furniture

The truth is that most schools have less space than they could use, so the space they do have has to be multipurpose, such as a gym that doubles as a lunchroom or an auditorium. The furniture in the school should also be multifunctional, and we will see a lot of that in 2019. An interior design that utilizes multifunctional furniture will create a space that allows for fluid and seamless shifting between groups and activities and a better learning environment.

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