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Designing A Classroom Fit For 2019

Learn about designing a classroom fit for 2019!

Learn about designing a classroom fit for 2019!

A well-designed classroom can make a huge difference in the way your students act and engage with their studies. Teachers everywhere are beginning to break away from the idea of traditional classrooms, and it’s having a significant impact on how well their students do. While you might start to think, altering my classroom design will be too expensive and won’t meet strict guidelines, there are plenty of ways to adapt without too much effort.

Start With Subtraction

Consider what in your classroom really helps to engage and inspire your students to learn. You might find that many of the classroom objects you once considered the essential act as merely a distraction. Take some time every few weeks to talk with your classes about what in your room works with their ability to learn and what detracts from it. Often, there will be a few items in your classroom that could be put to better use or can be removed completely.

Leave Room For Quiet Time

Not only does having quiet spaces allow your students to take time out when needed, but it can also help them be better at dealing with and preventing the long-term effects of trauma. Your students may suffer from a variety of problems outside of your classroom, giving them a quiet place to take a moment to decompress can help them be more focused and productive when they’re ready to head back into the classroom space. Unlike a “time out” area a quiet space should be one that comes without judgment and allows students to feel safe, secure, and will ensure they can take the time they need without being disturbed.  

Consider Your Color Palette

It’s easy to make a classroom feel like a spilled crayon box, many take the approach of adding more color than necessary to grab the interest of children. Unfortunately, this keeps kids focused on the physical aspect of the room, rather than what is essential. Setting up one base color in a soothing neutral tone and using one to two accent colors can help create a setting that’s interesting while remaining calm and soothing.  

Customize Your Seating

When you want to create a flexible seating system you don’t need to buy new furniture. Rethinking your placements and altering the furniture you have can make space feel new. Ask your students for input on how they think desks would best be arranged and take their ideas into consideration. Creating a variety of setups in different shapes and sizes is a great way to make the space feel different and new.

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